Art Restoration & Design

The Painter's Studio is here to serve you with professional art restoration and design solutions.
Dedicated to the protection of artistic cultural enrichment for you and your family. 
 Art Restoration
 TPS Examples
  24/7 Emergency Fire & Water 
  Call 440-334-4801
  Disaster Response Ready​
  On-Site Triage & Archival Preservation
  Mold & Water Mitigation
  Detailed Inventory Reporting
  Valuation Based Estimates 
  Paintings on Canvas
  Works on Paper
  Sculptures & Figurines
  Photographs & Reproductions
  Fine Frames & Displays
  Textiles & Fiber Art
  Sports & Toy Collections
  Porcelain Dolls & Objects
  Fin, Feather & Fur Taxidermy
  Secure Transportation
  Climate Controlled Storage
  1. Surface Cleaning Oil Painting
  2. Reverse Canvas Before
  3. Glazed Plate Before
  4. Drawing on paper Before
  5. Reverse Painting After - Relining canvas
  6. Brass Sculptures Before
  7. Sculptures After
  8. Glazed Plate After
  9. Drawing on paper After
  10. Ltd Print Before
  11. Ltd. Print After
  12. Sculpture Base Before
  13. Sculpture Base After
  14. Doll Before
  15. Doll After
  16. Lamp Before
  17. Lamp After
  18. (Taxidermy) Tarpon Before
  19. (Taxidermy) Tarpon After
  20. Fragile Ceramic Figurine Before
  21. Fragile Ceramic Figurine After
  22. Silver Figurine Before
  23. Silver Figurine After
  24. Surface cleaning to historical painting
  25. Oil Painting After
  26. Oil Painting Before
  27. Oil Painting Detail to top left corner Before
  28. Oil Painting Detail to top left corner After
  29. Oil Painting Before
  30. Oil Painting After
  31. Oil Painting detail Before
  32. Oil Painting detail After
 Specialty Painting
Murals & Mosaics
Indoor and outdoor, residental or commercial spaces, any size, theme and style. Think out-side-the-box!
Faux Finishes
Antiquing, stenciling, combing, spattering, color washes, glazes and so many more ways to add class to any room.
Free on-site quotes. The design work we do is custom to each client. We listen to your dream ideas and complete a rendering w/ sample project board. So you always know what your getting, no suprises. These design options will bring dynamic energy to any stale or plain space!
So many pattern possibilities for your space. Always a show stopper!
 Object Handling
We have logistical solutions on where and how  to display your valuable art collection within a space.

Let experienced fully insured professionals in fine art object installation, storage organization, packaging & crating, transport your fragile property.  
High quality archival standards in preservation of fine art and historical relics.​ Click on the Larson juhl logo to view frames that fit your taste.

State of the art hardware and installation equipment. 
Safety regulated and ready to assist at any level.

Custom made  shipping crates and/or display encasements with the highest quality in craftsmanship.

Specialty mover for just art or fragile objects.
Contact us today for more details...
 Art Gallery
Art Gallery exhibits at The Painter's Studio are free and open to the public to view. A great way to unwind with friends and family. Artists have their artwork available for purchase.

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Contact us if you are interested in hosting a student, solo or group show.
 Art Classes
We welcome all ages, talent levels, mental and physical abilities encouraging family/group learning. Open for intensive individual art instruction, please contact us with your needs and we will develop your creative skills with outstanding results! 

Please contact us or join our mailing list to receive new class offereings and Paint & Sip Events. Schedule your special event today!